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We are frequently asked if we welcome guest post submissions, and the answer is that of course, we do since we like reading the perspectives of a variety of people and believe that our readers do as well.

When you write a guest post for our website, as opposed to submitting an article, your post will be published here, allowing you to reach a far wider audience than you would with the former option. If your contributions are well received, you could be asked to become a regular contributor and get paid for your work.

Get in touch with us using our contact form if you are interested in contributing an article as a guest blogger.

However, before you get in touch with us, it is essential that you first go over our rules.


  • A minimum of 500 words is required. We might break up articles that are longer than 1500 words.
  • Users will find it much simpler to understand your information if you break it up into clear paragraphs, bullet points, and lists, among other formatting options.
  • Links: These can be included if they are relevant, but we will not link out to any sites that violate Google’s policies, even if they contain explicitly promotional content.
  • We strongly suggest that you include media in your article. Some examples of media are photographs (free stock images or images with the appropriate authorization), videos, maps, tweets, and so on. However, these must be subject to regulations of copyright.

Guest Contributes Content We Like

Because our visitors are interested in CBD news, they are on the lookout for articles that are not only entertaining and unique but also provide a wealth of information and helpful hints.


Be Unique:

Every piece must be the product of your original thought and writing. Naturally, you may receive ideas from other places; however, you need to be aware of copyright regulations whenever you do so. Our viewers aren’t interested in reading rehashes of the work of others; rather, they want information that is fresh and engaging.

Be Relevant:

Since we are a CBD site, which is the topic that our readers are most interested in learning more about.

Be Cautious:

Every piece has to be based on true information and can’t be inflammatory or defamatory. If we have issues, the article may be rejected or edited.

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